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Assistant Choreographer

Desirae Johnson Barton is a dance teacher and history lover. With a degree in both history and dance, Desirae has spent the past twenty years using her training to connect with her community while living in Utah, California, and North Carolina.

Desirae started her dance career at the nationally acclaimed dance studio, The Dance Club in Utah, where she performed in the 2002 Winter Olympics, took classes from professional Broadway choreographers, and participated in competitions. Desirae continued her dance training at Brigham Young University, training technically in ballet, jazz, modern dance, choreography composition, and music editing. Desirae has used her passion for dance to teach groups from varying cultures, faiths and backgrounds. She owned her own dance studio in California, taught at an interfaith youth camp, has served as a dance coach for an individual high-level dancer, and has introduced dance to elementary school classes.

Desirae also has a degree in American History, with an emphasis in cultural history. Desirae believes dance can bridge boundaries and bring communities together. She

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