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Events Co-Coordinator

Like so many others, the Savoldi’s agree with the statement “Sometimes you don’t choose a town; the town chooses you.” Cindy and her husband Mark felt drawn to Holly Springs when relocating 22 years ago, have raised their 6 children in Holly Springs, and have felt honored to watch Holly Springs blossom. 

Cindy feels passionately that towns benefit when people connect and learn from each other. Finding Patience teaches us that everyone has a story to tell. If we truly listen to these stories, we lift not only one another, but the entire community.

When her husband was in the original cast of Finding Patience she knew she wanted to be involved in the next production. Cindy has a bachelors degree in Public Relations from Purdue University, diverse experience in event planning and is excited to be involved in Event Planning to help people learn more about our town’s amazing story! 

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