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Set Designer

Michelle began singing along with Olivia Newton John when she was little (she even had the same ONJ haircut for 3 years) to singing in her high school chorus, mixed show choir and in an acapella choir. Michelle played the violin all though elementary, middle and high school and learned to play the cello and viola when needed. She participated for three years in the dance team, performed as one of the brides in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", and sang during her HS graduation.


Michelle attended San Jose City College in California and while there took art classes that have inspired her ever since.  She has also

sang at weddings and performed with a band or two through the years. Michelle uses improv's "Yes, and. rule," and it has led her to prop making, to set design and construction. She works as an administrator at Carolina Academy of Performing Arts, an excellent youth theatre program in Apex.

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