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Events Co-Coordinator, Community Events, Costume Crew and Prop Crew

Tomiko Lane is a creative soul, using her crafty side to bring life to art and imagination.  Introverted, she isn’t a big talker but rather a judgment-free listener who speaks up when it is warranted. While she tends to avoid the spotlight, Tomiko does enjoy singing, dancing, and supporting local theater and charities. In what seems like a lifetime ago, Tomiko was seen at a karaoke bar and by chance, stumbled into her debut theatrical performance with the New Bern Civic Theater, thinking it was a one-and-done experience only to later discover show choir unintentionally, a few years later.


Growing up dancing, (tap, jazz, ballet, etc.) she saw an opportunity to dust off those long-packed away skills. For 16 years she was a soprano in VocalMotion, an adult show choir sponsored by SAS.  She continues to use those skills by dancing with the dance moms of Holly Springs School of Dance in their tap and Hip-Hop classes. Tomiko admits to being a work in progress in so many ways, but her faith in God keeps her strong and her family and friends to her keep her motivated.  She saw Patience back in 2017 and was determined to be a part of the magic this go around.

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