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Composer & Music Director

Jeremy is a Canadian-born composer living in the Raleigh area with his wife Erin and their happy Corgi, Parker. Being raised in a musical family, Jeremy has been entrenched in song for his entire life. He studied Music Theory & Composition at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Christian Songwriting at Liberty University.


After marrying Erin, a novelist with a theatrical background, they soon figured out that they could combine their passions for music and storytelling and began writing and publishing faith-based musicals under the name The Faithful Troubadour in 2016. Since then, their work has been performed by theatre companies, schools, and churches all over the country. 


In 2018, Jeremy and Erin founded Solace Theatre, a non-profit Christian community theatre company in Garner, with a desire to bring a positive message of hope through excellent, high-quality musical theatre. Whether it’s Fractured, a setting of Jekyll and Hyde in jazzy 1940s Chicago or Valkyrie, a punk rock version of Alice in Wonderland, Jeremy and Erin have always been excited to explore the human experience in compelling, relatable ways while presenting timeless truths and creating common ground. You can watch all of Solace Theatre’s musicals on their YouTube channel, or visit their website at


When Jeremy isn’t working on creating their next musical, he serves as Worship Director of Southside Church in Clayton. He loves his church family so much and is passionate about serving the local church, while serving alongside the local church in the community. (Jumping around with a guitar is fun too.)


The past year Jeremy has been focusing on virtual content and has produced both a musical web-series called Fairytale and a feature-length movie musical called Hello Internet. Adapting to the new format has certainly been extremely challenging, but he’s learned a ton about what it takes to produce online content. While telling stories in the new format has been a great experience, he’s very excited to be returning to the stage in 2021 with Rosie and the Magnificent Neverender, a steampunk heist musical set at the World’s Faire!


Jeremy started working with Angie Staheli as the Composer for Finding Patience in 2019, and they have had a blast working together ever since to bring Finding Patience: The Musical to life. Angie’s contagious passion for local history, honoring those who have come before, and authentic representation have driven every step of the process to create a unique, powerful theatrical experience custom-tailored and lovingly crafted at every level to resonate with the Holly Springs audience. This has been an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience for Jeremy as a composer, and he cannot wait to share these songs and stories with the community next Summer! 

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