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Assistant Director

Makeithra “Ketra” Evans, entered this world as Makeithra Parrish to her loving parents Stanley and Princess Parrish and hales from Chapel Hill, NC. Ketra  has been acting for over 20 plus years. She has been married to Gregory Evans Sr. for 8 years with a combined family of 3 girls and 3 boys, along with 3 awesome grandsons. She has been a member of Victorious Praise Fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Wil Nichols in Durham, NC for 23 years where her adult acting career began in 2001.

Ketra is highly experienced in the genres of drama, suspense, action and has made appearances in movies as well as television. Her diverse acting portfolio of realistic and touching leading roles have included the title role in the 2017 production of Finding Patience, Matter of Heart (Film), Walls of Secrets (Television Series Coming Spring 2022), Rising Out of the Ashes, Preacher and the Prostitute, just to name a few. God opened a door for Mrs. Evans to step into the television industry landing her an extra role on the show “Shots Fired” on 20th Century FOX in the Fall of 2017. Mrs. Evans states, ”Acting has been not only a passion of mine but a gift I’ve received from God that I don't take lightly. I handle each opportunity as a blessing that I must respect and honor because the character I portray is the actual life someone is living, be it good or bad.”  

A few of Ketra’s hobbies include riding her very own 2016 Harley Davidson Switchback motorcycle alongside her husband on the weekends. Spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, being involved with performing arts, community service events and going to church.

Sadly, Ketra has had to alter one special part of her hobbies. In July 2020 her husband and life were changed when he was severely injured when he was hit by a car while out enjoying a night ride on his motorcycle. It hasn't been an easy walk since that day, but rather a true Faith walk. He continues to improve through God’s grace and mercy therefore Ketra believes this a test that’s on its way to a testimony. It just goes to show that one's life can be changed in an instant. “I’ve learned that with change comes a new life and the opportunity to do something different than what you were doing with the old one. When life throws you a Lemon;  you in return make Lemonade.”

“With that being said...I am ever so GRATEFUL for being chosen by Angie Staheli to be her Assistant Director in the very play I played the lead role as Patience in just 3 years ago. I am so excited that she continues to see me as a person of great strength and trusts me with her vision in such a capacity to walk alongside her and the team on yet another journey. Again, Thank you. See you again soon Holly Springs family!!”

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