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Dialect Coach

Born in California, raised in Germany, Colorado, and Alabama, Trina developed a knack for learning how to sound like the people around her. She simultaneously developed a love of performing for anyone who would watch, which took her to a Fine Arts high school and then all the way through a Bachelor of Arts in Theater with an emphasis in Acting. Throughout her theatrical education, she continued to listen to, study, research and master dialects, learning so much more about the people with those dialects than just the way they sounded when they spoke. This research and an embracing love of all people was a natural progression to her study of different world cultures, subcultures and groups (also known as Sociology). She studied Sociology through to her Doctorate, specializing in various aspects along the way. Like so many other performers, Trina’s life and education has afforded her the opportunity to hold many many different professional positions, such as finance, policing, professor, researcher but also advising, receptionist, retail, and so many others. Unfortunately, it has not continued to include performing… yet ;). She has, however, continued to study dialects, mastering many, even if it has just been to be able to perform them while reading to and playing with her children. As cultures and dialects continue to help shape Trina’s understanding of the world and the people around her, at 45 years old, Trina can honestly say she has yet to meet someone from any walk of life who wasn’t an exceptional human being in some way. 

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