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Finding Patience: A Small Town's Reflection

Love is a Parable

Finding Patience was not just a play that told the story of Holly Springs and its hidden legacies and legends. Finding Patience was more of a call to action for one to discover his/her purpose and sense of fulfillment while prompting others to leave a footprint of impact. Finding Patience reveals a greater consciousness in which we are all connected: community. Community forces us to take the emphasis off the social constructs that typically confine and restrict cohesion, and celebrate the beauty of "being" that is often overlooked. To be honest, it is quite easy to highlight the hurtful, painful sides of life or overly exaggerate the good. However, Angie Staheli found a way to be truthful and organic without compromising the character and integrity of the Holly Springs' history.

Even more so, I was privileged to witness the gift of being a "willing vessel". From the sidelines and stage, I was able to see how a director would position herself to serve as an usher to this project and an experience that was far greater than any of us would have imagined. She could have easily come in with a tyrannical presence; yet, she chose to be a humble, willing vessel, who learned as we did. Her humility set the tone while teaching a lesson of "awareness". Being aware allowed Angie to visit and understand sensitive or taboo discussions among versus ethnic groups and cultures.

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